Mahadhan Smartek
Mahadhan SMARTEK

Mahadhan launches fertilisers with Smartek technology

Mahadhan has launched an innovative range of fertilizers, Mahadhan Smartek. “Smartek” is a revolutionary and non-conventional fertilizer that nurtures soil, strengthens roots and improves nutrient absorbing capability of the roots. A first-of-its-kind in India, each granule of Mahadhan Smartek is coated and comes with yield and enhanced capability for nutrient uptake. It has been developed specifically to help farmers improve the quality and yield of their crops and enhance their cost benefit ratios. The special coating is rich in organic carbon and mineral substances which helps in increasing plant uptake of nutrients essential for healthy plant growth. Mahadhan Smartek 10:26:26 and Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:013 are the first two Smartek fertilisers on offer with more to follow soon. Mahadhan non-conventional fertilisers are known for their proven results and this new range of fertilisers will take these results a notch higher.

Currently Mahadhan Smartek is available in 10:26:26 grade and will the focus on the crops like sugarcane, onion, tomatoes etc. The Company is gearing up its operations and will soon launch Mahadhan Smartek in other grades, which include 12:32:16 and 20:20:0:13.

Value Added Fertilizers
Mahadhan Smartek 10:26:26
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium
  • Smartek is a specially coated fertilizer, every granule is coated using smartek technology and comes with yield and enhanced capacity for nutrient uptake
  • Complex NPK fertilizer containing higher nutrient content
  • Ideal for basal dose. Triggers active root growth, helps to establish the crop early and set for vigorous growth.
  • The ammoniacal nitrogen helps to maintain the green color for a longer period
  • Phosphorus in completely water- soluble form helps in increasing quality and yield of the crops
  • It contains Potassium in a higher concentration which helps to build plant immunity
  • Improves texture of soil, improves nutrient absorbing capability of the plant through stronger roots
  • Increase plant uptake of nutrients essential for healthy plant growth
  • Sugarcane, Cotton, Groundnut, Soybean, Grapes, Pomegranates, Banana, Vegetables, pulse crops.
Benefits of Mahadhan Smartek 10:26:26
  • Improves nutrient availability & reduce nutrient loss.
  • It increases crop yield by 10% to 15%.
  • Increases CEC and nutrient holding capacity of soil.
  • Rich in organic carbon and mineral substances essential to plant growth
  • Retains water soluble fertilisers and releases in root zones as needed
  • Increases plant uptake of nutrients
  • Promotes penetration and retention of calcium in soils.
  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil
  • Enhances rate of seed germination and improves viability
  • Promotes stronger, more vigorous roots
  • Provides better resistance to stress
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Mahadhan SMARTEK