Mahadhan Smartek 12:32:16

  • Yield increase of 12 to 15%.
  • Quality: Improvement in Size, Colour, Appearance.
  • This is the technology where each granule is coated with organic acid.
  • SMARTEK is our patented coating technology. The application of SMARTEK fertiliser helps in developing the healthy root system, which will subsequently help in efficient uptake of nutrients.
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium
  • This is one of the highest nutrients containing NPK complex fertiliser with total nutrients of 60%
  • Nitrogen and Phosphate are available in the ratio 1:2.6 as in the case of DAP, but in Mahadhan 12:32:16 also contains 16% Potash additionally
  • Mahadhan 12:32:16 helps the young plants to grow faster, even under adverse soil or climatic conditions
  • Mahadhan 12:32:16 is an ideal complex for soybean, potato and other commercial crops which require high phosphate during the initial stages of growth
  • Soybean, potato and other commercial crops
Mahadhan SMARTEK