Mahadhan Silicon Fertiliser

  • Natural Amorphous Silica – 75% SiO2

  • Plants typically absorb bio-available silicon as a silicate – generally known as monosilicic or orthosilicic acid
  • In the soil, Silica is generally abundant as mineral quartz and clays, but its abundance in soluble form (mono-silicic acid) is highly variable
  • Plants take up silicon into their root and shoot tissue but it is not returned through shoot tissue, instead it is returned through biodegradation
  • Silicon is deposited as silica in the plant cell walls, improving cell wall structural rigidity and strength, plant architecture and leaf erectness
  • In plants Si can stimulate nutrient uptake and plant photosynthesis, decrease susceptibility to disease and insect damage, alleviate water and various mineral stresses and decrease the toxic effects of aluminium

  • Silicon fertilisers also enhance the plants’ ability to resist or tolerate biotic stress such as attack of insect pests and fungal attacks
  • Silicon fertilisers can help alleviate abiotic stresses due to acidity, salinity and toxicities
  • Silicon fertilisers can help reduce water loss and transpiration
  • Hence farmers fetch a healthy crop with more yield with more returns per unit area

  • Paddy, Sugarcane, Fruits and Vegetables

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