Mahadhan SSP Fertiliser

(Single Super Phosphate)
  • Contains 16% Phosphorus, which is 100% water soluble
  • Promotes vigorous root growth
  • Improves soil texture
  • SSP contains 11% sulphur that increases oil content in oil seed crops
  • Contains 21% Calcium, which increases stiffness of straw and thereby increases pest resistance in the crop
  • Helps in root nodulation on the roots of legume crops
  • Improves the growth of white roots

  • Increases nutrient use efficiency, hence reduces costs on fertilisers
  • Reduces flower drop and increases fruit setting
  • Increases oil content in oil seed crops, hence higher market price
  • Reduces pest incidence, hence reduces pest control costs
  • Improves crop quality and yield, hence increases income for the farmers

  • Sugarcane, Cotton, Oilseeds and Pulse crops

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Mahadhan SMARTEK